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Valerie Herrera Browne is currently self employed as an independent editor, director and

post producer. She has, during the last fifteen years, represented various television and publicity producers.

Born on June 20 th , 1982 in Madrid, Spain, she spent her childhood and adolescence in the Southern

Suburbs of Buenos Aires, and presently resides in the Palermo district of the city of Buenos Aires.


She commenced her studies in the School of Film and Visual Arts (CIEVYC) and continued and

graduated at the Avellaneda Film School (IDAC).


She participated in the direction of numerous and various projects in publicity film companies such

as Patagonik, Landia, Folk Films, 100 Bares and Bender Films.


She also carried out post production and editing work in production companies such as: Concreto

Films, Vértigo Films, La Doble A, and El Bagre Films.

Her more recent work between the years 2011 and 2017, has been in Fly Film production company

where her expertise covered documentary and publicity films.


In her quest for perfection and advancement, she continues to study and is enrolled in sundry

workshops dealing with areas such as audiovisual, photography, colour and script, among others.

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